Some of our work - past and present


Because many of you have been asking us about our work, and because we are struggling to find time to write detailed case studies, here is an overview of some of our past and present work. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details!

The national official health portal initiated by the Minister of Health. The portal is set to launch in June 2011 and will be the official online gateway to public health services in Norway. The portal will initially target the public, health personnel will be an important target group in future releases. The portal will evolve carefully and expand it's scope as new services are ready for inclusion - an important extention to the portal in future releases will be the inclusion of mobile services.

Read more about the portal on

15m in this project: Concept development, interactive design, process management

Statoil Annual report 2010

The online version of Statoil's Annual report for 2010 was launched on March 25th 2011. The Annual Report and its products are considered to be essential communication activities in the company - the web is the main channel for the reporting, but the condensed version (Statoil In Brief) will also be made available for iPad, iPhone and in printed version on April 26th. 

(15 meanings was also responsible for the design and digital storytelling of Statoil's Annual Report for 2009 - the report was awarded the prize "Best Annual Report - Internet Publication" in 2010 by the Farmand jury. View the Statoil Annual Report 2009)

View the Statoil Annual Report 2010

More information:
Contact Colin H.F. Dobinson
Chief Editor, Annual & Sustainability Report
Statoil AS

15m in this project: Process management, creative direction, concept development and interactive design web, iPhone/iPad and print.

Additional credits:

New consumer website NetCom

15m is collaborating with Nimble on a new website for NetCom. The site is set for launch Spring/Summer 2011. Visuals and further comments will be posted after the launch.

15m in this project: Concept development, creative direction and interactive design.

Cappelen Damm - Sales channel and license administration for educational products

In Spring 2010 Cappelen Damm launched the new sales channel designed to improve and increase online sales of educational products. A key feature of this product is easy and effective registration and administration of product licenses. The launch has resulted in a significant increase in online sales.

See the websites: Cappelen Damm Undervisning  Cappelen Damm Akademisk

15m in this project: Digital strategy, process management, creative direction, concept development and interactive design.

Digitalt museum - Museum collections online

Digitalt museum was initiated by KulturIT and is an effort to collect and present collections from various museums in Norway and Scandinavia in a coherent and value adding manner. KulturIT is currently working on a new and improved version of the website together with several upcoming mobile services.

15m in this project: Concept development, creative direction and interactive design.

Statoil Fuel & Retail

Statoil Fuel & Retail - the former Energy & Retail division of Statoil - was established as a separate legal entity in May 2010 and stocklisted on the 22. October 2010. A new corporate  website and intranet was established to support the stocklisting process and launch of the new company. Both websites was produced and launched in a period of just over 2 months July-September 2010.

15m in this project: Concept development, creative direction and interactive design.

BankID for mobile - service audit

BankID is a personal ID for secure online identification and signing. BankID is also offered as a mobile service through a collaboration project between telecom operator Telenor and the banks DnBNOR and Skandiabanken, enabling users to identify themselves and electronically sign documents using their mobile phone. In Spring 2010 we concluded an end-to-end service audit of the mobile service. After the implementation of recommended alterations from the audit, the number of users have increased significantly.

15m in this project: Service audit, service recommendation

Telenor - user experience consultancy

Telenor Group is one of the world's major mobile operators with 203 million mobile subscriptions world wide. The company has mobile operations in 11 markets and in additionally 11 markets through a 39,6 per cent ownership in VimpelCom Ltd.

Over a period of 1,5 year, 15 meanings has contributed to the development of new products and services at Telenor, working with a diverse range of both products and services for mobile units, web and television.

15m in this project: User experience evaluation, quality assurance, design consultancy.

Intranets - Statoil, Cappelen Damm and KLIF

15 meanings has had a pivotal role in developing the intranets of Statoil, Cappelen Damm and KLIF. An important consideration in all of these projects has been the role of the intranet within the organisation - both currently and in the future, where the use of social media-, knowledge management- and corporate culture-building mechanisms are key focus areas.

15m in Statoil intranet: Strategy, art direction, interactive design.

15m in Cappelen Damm and KLIF: Strategy, process management, concept and design.

KLIF - Environmental guide for Norwegian counties

The Ministry of the Environment (Miljøverndepartementet) has commissioned a new website from KLIF (Klima og forurensningstilsynet) together with other environmental departments, that will be designed to help the executive officers in Norwegian counties to improve the identification and execution of the counties environmental duties.

15m in this project: Process management, concept development

Internal communication and campaigns at Statoil

15 meanings has done strategic and creative consultancy on several internal communication projects at Statoil, dealing with campaigns as well as with complex change management processes.

15m in this project: Strategy and concept development, process management

Lå - concept and design

Concept for upcoming new website for Lånekassen, interaction design for online self services.

15m in this project: Concept development and interaction design, process management

Other projects worth mentioning

Other projects include: Golf app for Haga golf, information signage for Trafikanten, profile and website Musicnodes, upcoming website Melkeveien, facelift, user experience consultancy Jernia, user experience consultancy Logica, user experience consultancy Egmont.