The new NetCom website and what 15 meanings did


NetCom - the second largest mobile operator in Norway - launched their new website today. 15 meanings has contributed with strategy, art direction and design in close collaboration with the magnificent Nimble.

Finding the right mobile subscription, service and telephone can be a daunting experience - the possibilities seem endless and the products are often hard to tell apart for the common customer.

Being the most important channel for sales, communication and customer service , one of the major goals for the new website has been to guide the NetCom customers in the best possible manner in the purchasing process as well as provide intuitive self service options.

Some of the main aspects of this project has been:

  • Relaunch and reposition a beloved brand. NetCom's customers had fallen in love with the quirky and playful orange brand, and we wanted to keep the love
  • To design a unique and rich interactive experience
  • To simplify and create a positive customer experience throughout

We are very excited about the launch and look forward to your views and opinions. Go check it out:

Love, 15 meanings.