Yeondoo Jung is a South Korean photographer and artist that you should keep your eye on. He is currently one of Korea´s best known artists, and is gradually acquiring a reputation on the international art scene as well.

In his photographic series Wonderland, he attempts to recreate the fantastic euphoria of young children's crayon artwork. The series presents costumed adolescents posing in sets based as closely as possible on children's drawings.

In the course of the work with this series, he collected 1,200 drawings from children between the ages of five to seven, recruited 60 high school students to enact the drawings, and convinced five fashion designers to custom make some of the clothing for the photo shoot, in addition to making out-of-scale props that were similar to the drawings. The resulting images are nothing short of fantastic!

tn.jpg 002_kinder_pict.jpg 005_kinder_pict.jpg

15 meanings is fascinated by the perspective presented in the images, as they somehow look upon the adult world with the eyes of a child. And the balance between reality and fantasy tickles our brains.