Waldi the Studio Mascot


We have a studio mascot named Waldi.  He spends most of his days lounging with the rubber ducks on the studio sofa.


In addition to being the studio mascot, Waldi was designed by Otl Aicher and was the first official Olympic mascot. He was created for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich and was modeled on a real dog, a long-haired Dachshund named Cherie von Birkenhof.

The visual identity of the Munich 1972 Olympics is often described as a milestone in the field of visual communication, and we couldn't agree more. Some of Aicher´s designs can be found at 1972municholympics.co.uk where the British graphic designer Al Rinaudo celebrates Aicher and his design by displaying (and selling) official memorabilia from the XXth olympiad.


Aicher may be best known for being the lead designer for the 1972 Munich Olympics, but he also designed the logo for Lufthansa airlines in 1969, was a consultant for the kitchen company bulthaupt, and founded the Ulm School of Design.

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