To provoke, surprise and delight the diner


When talking about food experiences there is no way around El Bulli. El Bulli is a three Michelin starred restaurant run by the legendary chef Ferran Adrià. The restaurant has been judged the best restaurant in the world four times (2002, 2006, 2007 and 2008) - more than any other restaurant in the world.

Ferran Adrìa has been referred to as the "the Salvador Dali of the kitchen". He is often associated with the so called "molecular gastronomy" - but he himself refers to his cooking as deconstructivist.

Adrià's stated goal is to "provide unexpected contrasts of flavour, temperature and texture. Nothing is what it seems. The idea is to provoke, surprise and delight the diner". He combines this with a sense of humour, and his dishes are truly innovative and wonderful.

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Ferran Adría

15m is not only inspired by Adrià's incredible creativity, intuition and gastronomical ideas, but also by his clear focus on the experience of the guests in his restaurant (quote): "The ideal customer doesn't come to El Bulli to eat, but to have an experience".  He is famous for his thirty course gourmet menu.


In this inspiring 15-minutes long behind the scenes film, you can get a glimpse into the facinating personality of Sr Ferràn: "A day at El Bulli".

Eating at Sr Ferran's restaurant seems to be a prime example of a designed experience - and we would really like to experience it at least once in our life - if we can get a table! The last time 15m checked, we would have to wait for at least two years.

El Bulli is only open from April to October. Adrià spends the remaining six months of the year perfecting recipes in his workshop "El Taller" in Barcelona.

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