These shoes are made for walking is a company specializing in selling footwear online - mainly to Americans. The company was founded in 1999, and has since then become the biggest online shoe store in the world, grossing over $800 million in sales in 2007.


Zappos is an interesting company in many ways: They've done little or no traditional marketing, and the primary source of growth has been repeat customers and word of mouth recommendations. The company has been called "quirky" by journalists and analysts, often quoting the company's ten core values:


15m is inspired by how Zappos has build their business entirely on the customer experience rather than the products. The business model is to acquire customers cost effectively (word-of-mouth, social media, etc.) and make them so happy with their experience that they not only keep coming back, but also will recommend Zappos to others.

15m think that if companies are to achieve lasting competitive advantage through experience design, the experiences they deliver have to be meaningful to the customers. This means understanding what people feel strongly about when interacting with products and services and then deliver great experiences on those terms.

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