The perfect Christmas tree


At 15m we have our perfect Christmas tree preferences, whether it be the site of purchase, the shape, colour or decoration. Some of us prefer buying our Christmas tree from the farmer in the trailer at the local gas station, others like cutting their own in the snowy forest.

The trees that you can preorder at are far from perfect as they are trees that are cut in order to thin the forest. The tree might be (translated from Norwegian): "...eaten by moose, broken by snow or have brown needles when it arrives." What these trees do have however is personality and style.


Juletre fra skogen ("Christmas tree from the forest") is an art-/political project that aims to (translated from Norwegian) "..spread a message about respect for whatever falls outside the standards of our uniform society, and at the same time enhance the awareness of alternative sustainable consumerism"

The website lets you surf through individually-named trees that are photographed with a 79 cm tall garden gnome to give you an idea about the size. When you have selected the three you want to buy, you can send an e-mail to reserve it and the guys behind the website will kindly cut it for you and bring it when they can.

15 meanings is inspired by the originality and communication aspects of this idea as well as by the project's message. And the website is wonderful!

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