Spot the difference!


"Everyone loves music" - it is the tagline of new online brainchild Spotify, and right now everyone seem to love Spotify as well. Spotify is a streaming music service from Sweden that recently has become so popular that many predict it will challenge the position of iTunes.

Picture 21.png

Spotify calls itself "a new way to enjoy music" - at first glance the service doesn't look all that novel, so what is it with Spotify that makes everyone (including us) instantly fall in love with it?

Well, the client application is nice looking and easy to use, it is fast and provides good streaming quality. The possibilities to share and collaborate on playlists is also nice. But best of all is this: Using Spotify gives you instant access to all music you can think of, on any computer, without having to pay for it, organize it or store it.

Right now, Spotify is an invite-only service, but don't despair because 15m is handing out 15 Spotify invites (hey, it's Christmas, isn't it?). Just send us an e-mail - the first 15 respondents will get lucky!


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