Seriously cool offices


We are convinced that a playful approach stimulates imagination, and that this might explain why so many successful entrepreneurs, inventors and idea-creators have a almost childlike fascination for play.

Even when the playing is unrelated to any specific goal (other than enjoyment), it opens up the mind to new thoughts and exercises the brain. Not all new ideas are useful of course, but having more of them increase the odds of having a great idea.


At the Pixar offices


At the Twitter offices

This is why we believe that a playful environment, which relaxes ones natural inhibitions, is more conductive to creative and useful ideas. And we're obviously not the only ones. While we're planning our own creative space, we've discovered a number of cool and fun office spaces that we would like to share with you:

For the voyeurs:

At you can have a sneak peak into some offices you might have heard of, some of our favourites being:

For the coolhunters:

Good article and seriously cool workspaces at

And by the way, don't forget to check out the presentation by Tim Brown of IDEO (yes, it's a rerun!): "The powerful link between creativity and play"