In-motion graphics


Entering and leaving a car park can be a confusing experience. Somehow each car park seems to have its own logic and set of rules.

When entering a car park the driver should be able to instantly grasp the car park logic in order to drive safely and navigate the numerous traffic hazards he'll encounter - like pedestrians, children, animals, shopping carts, ramps, etc. Good signage and floor marking is essential to this objective.

The Eureka City Car park, designed by emerystudio, offers an interesting solution to car park challenges. Bold graphic illusions are used to enhance the experience of entering and leaving the car park. Depending on you view point, the super-sized letterforms are either perceived as abstract distortions or literal directional information.

carpark-1.jpg carpark-2.jpg carpark-3.jpg carpark-4.jpg

At 15m we're inspired by how emerystudios has captured one essential aspect of car park experiences: Car parks are experienced in motion. When viewed in motion the distorted words "In", "Out", "Up" and "Down" snap into alignment to convey information at key decision making points. We would love to experience it.

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