Iconoclasts is a TV series of portraits where two leading innovators from different fields come together to discuss their passions and creative processes. Two people, in mutual admiration for each other, get together to hang out, converse candidly, and explain why each has been an inspiration to the other.

While some of the pairings in the series are expected (like Sundance founder and "Iconoclast" executive producer Robert Redford with his "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" co-star, Paul Newman), others are quite odd and surprising (like Mike Myers and Deepak Chopra). The film director Quentin Tarantino and singer-composer Fiona Apple claim to have similar methods for composing dialogue and lyrics, and admires the visceral violence and emotion in each other's work.


Deepak Chopra and Mike Myers, ©2008 The Sundance Channel.

15m thinks that Iconoclasts has turned out both involving, inspirational and slightly unpredictable, this in spite of the definite potential that this concept has for being boring and annoying. The series explores the intersection where two creative talents meet - and 15m thinks this is a wonderful starting point for a portrait series.

The series is a product of Sundance Channel, and is executive produced by Robert Redford. Iconoclast is airing on Star! on Tuesdays (21.00-22.00) and Wednesdays (15.00-16.00)